Wildcat Summer Academy 2024

The Photo Gallery

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Sophia writes about the taste and texture of chai and pistachio scones as well as her iced coffee at Lolas’ at the Inn. Students experienced new-to-them flavors to practice using their five senses when describing setting, objects, and experiences in their writing.
Elliot and Traevor take a break from writing while at Lolas’ at the Inn. Students observed the Lolas’ environment, noting the images and sounds around them.
Shea, the camp’s teaching assistant, taught students about different styles of poetry. After the lesson, the students each wrote three poems in the styles that most interested them.
In the afternoons, students ventured outside for fresh air and sunshine. Layla used sidewalk chalk as a creative outlet during one of these breaks.
Writing camp students created online portfolios throughout the week. As they wrote poems, short stories, and monologues, they published them to their blogs.
Writing Camp students used chalk, Play-Doh, crayons, and bubbles as alternative creative mediums throughout the week. Spending a few minutes outside during the afternoon sessions allowed students to clear their minds, socialize, and appreciate the stories in nature.